Thursday, March 23, 2017

New patterns....

So many new books!
Lots by Sue Hillis
Each of Sue Hillis sport patterns $6.00 each
One of my favorite sayings by
 Heart in Hand
Thank you Heart in Hand for another
beehive for our Beehive state
La D Da
 is still very popular at the shop
Cherry Picker  $10.00

Fraktur flower $10.00
For those that like to work with one color, this is a beauty by
 Ink Circles.
Dragons of Sumatra $18.00
Cricket Collection
 designs are always darling
Free Range $9.00
Vintage Eggs $9.00
Plum Street
is one of my all time favorites

A season late, but
Drawn Thread never disappoints
Stitchery on black is so striking!
Small Animal Sampler by
Bobbie G
The Scarlett House
Samplers $15.00

Coverlet Christmas $14.00

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Incredible people and projects...

We are so lucky!
We get to meet some of the most wonderful people who we are proud to call friends.
We get to see and frame such wonderful stitchery.
We even get to meet great animals.
We are blessed!
This is Norma with her incredible owl!
It is an Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks
can you believe the size, is stitched on 14 count!
This is our friend Judi celebrating Valentines Day.
She is such a doll!
We are always happy to see Betty and Ralph.
They come all the way from Long Island NY for our snow.
They have been coming in every March for 15 years.
We love their visits.
Tony brings in some pretty amazing stitchery.
She made the hoop out of a water bottle cap and did the stitchery to fit inside.
She always changes things up or adds a little flare to each of her pieces
 Some of our favorite furry visitors...
This is Libby.
She comes with Sue and feels like she runs the place.
We always have a water bowl out for her and her favorite treats.
Through the years Nora Lynn has brought in each of her baby Kangaroos.
They are therapy animals that she raises for the VA hospital.  She keeps them until they are teenagers and then they go to live with other Kangaroos and she starts again with a baby.  We are very lucky to get to meet and love each one.  Our customers feel lucky if they are here when they stop in.  How many of you have had an opportunity to play with a kangaroo!

....and more news....
I will post many new releases soon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Showing for a short time...

What a fabulous collection of designs!
Helma stitched this as a gift,
but it will be on display at the shop for a little while so we can show it off.
Oh,the work that went into this!
I personally watched her agonize over just the right color.
I watched her manipulate the center design to fit "just right" in the center.
These patterns were not created to be stitched together like this.
It is a collaboration of designs
12 little house needlework designs
"little sheep virtues"
and a
Country Cottage design
"Sheep in the meadow"
 Try to stop in and take a look.
It is a beauty - good job Helma!

Something new and fun...

A whimsical designer out of Italy
Madame Chantilly
has stolen our hearts.
It started with this design.
"Christmas Scooter"
Carolyn has stitched this up and it is adorable!
You know us, 
we can't leave well enough alone and we had to put a little spin on it.
We are working on the finishing and framing right now.
I will post pictures soon.
Then this week we got in these two adorable designs.
"Success Assure"
" Holiday on Ice"
 Oh....our creative wheels are spinning with these two also!
I can't wait to get started.
Watch for all three of these to be displayed at the shop.
Price ranges from
$9.29 to $11.50

Dorothy found a new home...

You know how it is...
You work on a project for hours and hours,
and become closer to it with every stitch.
You only part with a piece if you know that it will be appreciated and loved for all of the work you have put into it.
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
found the perfect home!
Lewis - our frame wholesaler - walked into the shop and fell head over heals in love with her.  Lewis said that it was his all time favorite movie, and he had to have it!
That made my heart happy.
I lovingly wrapped it up and sent her on to her new home.
So glad she is with Lewis. 💗

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Nora Corbett...

Nora Corbett
just released two new pixies
Inkberry Holly
each pattern cost is $13.50
bead pack is available for
Anemone is $6.00
These are available through special order at the shop.
Just give us a call.

Monday, January 23, 2017

New Lizzie Kate...

Starting the New Year out
with cute new patterns from
Lizzie Kate
First of all, there is a new holiday series
 the first two in the series has been released
St. Patricks
each comes with a tiny charm
cost of each pattern with charm $6.50
Another of my favorite sayings has been made into a cross stitch!
If You Live To Be 100
pattern cost is $10.00
Inspiration Boxer
boxers contain 2 patterns, buttons and linen fabric
cost is $18.00
Last but not least...
New Snippet
cost is $6.00
All in stock right now!