Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hot off the press...

Bees in Her Bonnett

New Stoney Creek Designs

each book $8.95

This is the most recent
Plum Street design
We are doing a big 
Plum Street Splash
here at the shop!
We are bringing in lots and lots of patterns, new and old, by 
Plum Street Samplers
 to feature at the shop.
Come and check out the selection!

What do we do in our free time....

Stitch of course!
I thought we migth share some of our
 WIP's - works in progress
and finished pieces waiting to be framed.

Wendy, oh my, Wendy
she has very busy fingers!
Azalea by Nora Corbett
Miss Christmas Eve by Nora Corbett
Hello Summer by Plum Street

This is Wendy's latest project is
The Adam's Family by Plum Street
She even has a stitching buddy!

 Helma is working on a Plum Street
Heritage Sampler
(just a sneak peek)
This pattern should be in the shop by the end of October

 I have a confession to make....
This is a plum street design, by I have made so many mistakes on it I wonder by now it can be considered an original!  I don't know how I got off so much.  uuugghhh
 It is stitched over one on 25 count and I couldn't bring myself to unpick. So, needless to say, I have had to make up the pattern to fit as I go along.

Friday, September 22, 2017

New arrivals....

Guess what has arrived!

Now, lets start with new 
Halloween designs
with thy needle and thread
 Pattern cost $12.00
 Pattern cost $12.00

New from 
Stoney Creek

each leaflet $8.95

New Christmas from
Blackbird Designs
pattern cost $12.00

New sports designs from
Sue Hillis 

each pattern is $6.00

Thursday, September 21, 2017

New Gingher scissor and news....

The new Gingher Scissor
is in stock
Such a cute blue pattern

 The makers of
Thread Heaven
have retired
We have only 2 left in stock...
Hurry in!!!!!

Have you ever stitched so much that you get a stitching injury?
Boy, I have stitched so much lately that my finger was soooo sore!
These are a life saver, or finger saver.. 
 Just perfect to cover that sore spot in the tip of your finger.
They are very long wearing.
Oh, what would I have done without them.
$6.59 - $6.79 a package

And I am going to give you a sneak peak at two of my
  new favorite things that will be arriving soon!
Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow
 Dear Santa
by Lizzie Kate
I couldn't wait to share these with you.
Call the shop if you would like your name on the list for the first order to arrive!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

We are open and we have fun new models...

...Excitement in front of the shop...
Don't let this scare you!
They are putting in fiber optic cable under the sidewalk.
We are open through the work
and there is usually access to the parking lot.
There is a metal grate over the dirt and cones to guide you in.
Surprisingly this hasn't hurt business at all.
We love our dedicated customers who make it in no matter what!

Witches and Spiders and Mummies OH MY!
There are new block kits at the shop 
and they are flying out of here!
Come in and get yours while we have them in stock.

New Models
with a touch of our added whimsy and three dimension.

Be sure to get your holiday framing in soon.
Right now we have a 4 week wait time
 and I am anticipating the holiday cut off to be
 November 1st
 this year.

Friday, September 15, 2017

It is stitching weather...

Don't you just want to stay in and stitch?
New at the shop...

by Glendon Place
Boughs ala Round

Dinky Dyes Threads

Thanks Giving

Dinkey Dyes

We are throwing in a sale pattern...
The Joys of Christmas
regularly $12
sale price $6

 scroll rods have arrived!!!!!
just when I think we won't receive anything else...
we have
12" frames set with web
18" frame set with web
18" rods with web
20" rods with web
8" extender bars
12" extender bars
sorry... no more velcro 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

New patterns and a holiday closure....

We will be closed all day
Monday September 4th

 Guess what is coming down 
Fort Union again....
We will be closed until approx. 1:30
Saturday September 9th
This should give the runners time to safely get past the shop.

Okay....enough about that

Now onto the new things in the basket....

each pattern is $12.00
Something to get you in the mood for fall..
 Boo  pattern $10.00
Old With Mary pattern $7.00
pattern $9.00
Just because it is adorable...
pattern $18.00
Is it too early to think about...
pattern $8.95
 pattern $6.00
pattern $11.50