Friday, May 24, 2013

One Day Sale...

We will be closed on Monday in honor of Memorial Day...

Cross Stitch I-phone cases...

Create one-of-a-kind iPhone cases that fit the iPhone 5.
 Each kit contains one iPhone perforated plastic/rubber case with holes for cross stitching,
six pre-wound bobbins with embroidery floss, needle and instruction sheet.
 Includes four charts plus two blank charts to design your own cover.
We have them in black and red.
Kit cost is only $9.99

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More sparkle...

We have added a lot of new glass wear to the cabinet!
Take a look at the treasures that I have found.
We even have a three piece set of green glass, complete with a scissor frog, tool holder and an ort catcher.

We were down to only one flower frog until this week.
Come in quick, you know how fast these hop out off here.
(I know... that was a bad pun...)


Agnes Platt's Strawberry Sampler

The Spring 2013 - Loose Feathers
By Blackbird Designs
This is a reproduction of an 1800's American sampler.
There are a few stitches other than cross stitch on the sampler.  There are queen's stitch, Smyrna, eyelet, lazy daisy and Algerian eye stitches.
Graphs to complete the three pictured on the front cover.
The cost of the book is $18.00

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Take a look at this...

Elaine does a beautiful job on her baby quilts.
She has stitched many quilted baby quilts kits over the years.
Take a look at this...
Now look at the back....
WOW!  She stitched in between the front and back so all of her back work is hidden.
She is incredible!

Another interesting visitor...

As you know we love animals.  We have the occasional dog visits and if you follow our blog you will remember our friend the kangaroo.
Well, today we had a beautiful Parrot come in for a visit.
Our friend and customer Carolyn came in to pick up framing and had just taken her parrot to the parrot doctor.  She brought him in to see us.
Isn't he beautiful!  His name is Nyoni - this is the African word for bird.
 Thanks for sharing Nyoni with us Carolyn.

Needle ID Cards...

Do your needles get mixed up and your not sure what size or type they are?
Does a pattern sometimes call for a type of needle that you are not sure what they are?
These little cards are wonderful for solving the mysteries.
They come in a tiny little package that will travel easily in your needlework supplies.
Each card gives you the size in length and eye size. Each also come with interesting needle facts from times past.  They would make a fun gift.
Each set cost is $11.99

Another beautiful piece....

Elizabeth has stitched another beauty!
I have to share it with you....
This is a designer that she found in an etsy shop, we can't order them in.  Oh, I wish that we could!
The designers name is Jacob d'Graaf.
He has an etsy shop and a facebook page.   I found his blog very fun to look at also.
the web site is
Take a look at these wonderful designs.
Thank you Elizabeth.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gypsy Mermaid

The newest Mirabilia design is in!
Gypsy Mermaid
Stitched on 32 count Laurel linen.
Stitched with DMC floss, Waterlilies and Kreinik braids.
The bead pack has a sparkling combination of 9 beads.
Pattern cost is $14.00
Bead pack cost is $14.50

More French black and whites...

These black and whites were such a hit...
Spirale $8.50
Carre $8.50
Doodle Boule $8.50
Jardin de Maisons $8.50
Ondulations $11.00

So when these were released we knew we had to have them.

Dans ma tesse $8.50

Mon Arrosoir $8.50
 Village Alpin $8.50

We even ordered this much as we don't like snails.
Escargot $8.50

More pretties....

The girls have been in to change out the cabinet.  So many new cute pincushions to look at! 
This little blue glass stage coach is darling, and only $9.00.
These two little pincushions in front are no bigger than thimbles.
I have my grandmas felt needle keeper.  This cute little bonnet girl.
  It is priceless to me. ♥
I still keep sewing needles in it.
This felt needle keeper is from some other family.  The girls ran across it and are selling it for only $12.00. It holds your needles, has a tiny pair of scissors and a pocket for a thimble. 
Hurry in, you know how fast the cabinet changes!


A blast from the past...

Do you remember these?
I remember them!
It is a vintage needle threader and it works like a charm!
Why did they ever stop making these?

A unique visitor...

This little guy came in the shop for a visit.
He is a therapy kangaroo named Alvin.
He visits people suffering from Alzheimer's and brightens their day.  I know that he brightened our day!
Alvin is 6 months old and NoraLynn carries him in a little bag that is slung around her shoulder, just like a baby.
He even sleeps in bed with her at night.
Alvin is an orphan and will go to a zoo when he gets big.