Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Art Festival 2010

Did you go to the downtown Art Festival this last weekend? If not, you not only missed out on some wonderful works of art and very imaginative artist, but the food! Check out these delicious kabobs that my friend and I found. They were fabulous! Something I may try to recreate at home for the kids. They were yummy!!!

Patriotic Scissor Fob - 5 inch

This last weekend I bought a whole bunch of these:
and made a whole bunch of these:
It is so fun to create! We will have then at the shop until they sell out...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New "Loose Feather'" design and a Blackbird Freebie

Need a quick weekend project, of an alphabet for your stash? You are going to like this one. Blackbird designs are some of the most popular patterns at the shop. The picture to the right is the new Loose Feather's design. It just came in on Thursday. You can read about in our latest newsletter. Blackbird's blog is a great one to checkout. The photography is great. As our blog grows up I want to take pictures like they do. Check out their blog at:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lizzie Kate is on a roll!

You have got to see the newest designs at the shop by Lizzie Kate! I posted pictures, prices and supplies on our last newsletter. Did you know that their web site has great FREE designs....and any pattern that you see, if we don't have it, we can get it right in for you. Here is the link to their site, and a picture of the the free "Liberty" design that you will find there.

Hares Christmas

Okay, I know that it is not Christmas's still 90 degrees outside. But one of the new patterns that came in and flew out was this one "Hares Christmas" by Plum Street Samplers. We have more on there way for all of you that missed out on the first delivery. I wanted to share with you their blog because she has a lot of really fun FREEBIES on her site. They make me smile :) Check them out!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yes...there is something going on back there...

So many of you have been watching the progress of our building behind the store. It has been fun watching the progress. It will be storage for us, heaven knows that we need to clean out that bathroom! We will keep all of our extra racks, fixtures of all kinds, mailing supplies and all of the other extra stuff that just keeps getting in the way in the shop. We will have a nice covered two car carport. one that won't crash down as easily on my car as the last one did. Boy, that was a story to tell... I will keep you posted with pictures of the progress. We have really got to know the workers. I bribe them with cake. But I am afraid they are a little camera shy.

Something new..

We brought in a new thread line for the shop. It is called "Flora". The tatters love it! A mercerized 6 ply cordonet that is 100% cotton with a uniform color throughout. It is smooth and easy to work with, less likely to tangle and picots hold their shape nicely. We brought in a limited number of colors in size 10 for now, because we also carry the whole line of Cebellia in that size. But we brought in the complete line of size 20 Flora. All 36 colors!

Things you have to do...

One of the downfalls of owning your own building (but there are only a few) is that you have to take care of the gardens yourself. Thank goodness I have wonderful willing kids. They have been helping out in the yard since they were young. They are better at most of it than I am. We worked on the property all day on Saturday, weeding, mulching and power washing. Boy was it hot!

We waited until all of the bird families had flown the nests. Every year we have numerous bird nests at the store. I think they produced quite a few babies this year.
They were working on re-asphalting Fort Union while we were working. At least we were entertainment for the people stuck in the traffic. Thanks you to my wonderful father-in-law, who at 67 still works like he is 20, and to my kids who never whine or complain about helping out. The store looks great!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Seminar was great!

I had a lot of fun at the Rocky Mountain Seminar held at the Sheridan Hotel this weekend. The people were lined up at the door waiting to come into market night! I met some really nice people, designer and retailers. I haven't participated in anything like this before and wasn't sure what to expect. I set up a mini display of the shop and color co-ordinated everything, right down to the apron that I wore. Okay, maybe I went a little overboard, but sometimes I get a little out of hand. It was a very successful night!The lady in the wonderful yellow and black hat is Monica Ferris, the mystery writer. It was such an honor to have her in town for the event.
I saw many familiar faces like Don, Karen and Pat.
When Sandy wasn't running around with a walky talky I got a picture with her and Alice. Cynthia was helping out at a table with a friend, and did a little shopping.
Brenda and her husband were there with their chocolates (I'm sorry the only picture I had is with her eyes closed.) They are the most wonderful chocolates ever! I got to taste a special one with pop rocks inside. That was a blast from the past. I think I would like to ask her to bring her chocolates in for our Christmas open house this year. You have got to try these!

It was fun to see these four smiling friends at the seminar. There is Kathy, Geri, Mary and Sandra. Some of our wonderful customers!

Thanks so much for a really fun night!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We are the Beehive state....

We have some really fun bee and beehive things here at the store. Perfect to send to that stitching friend that lives in a different state, or to add to you collection representing Utah. We also carry many different bee patterns in stock. Check out the free pattern for this beautiful bee at under "free patterns". We have the model stitched at the shop.

new from Kelmscott

Two new trinkets arrived from Kelmscott. A new peacock needleminder in a beautiful porcelain blue and white color, and fish thread winders. The thread winders of course are mother of pearl and pick up the light beautifully. they measure about 1.5 inches long.

Paradise Lost

Have you seen our model of "Paradise Lost" by Plum Street Samplers? Lynn stitched this on 40 count and it is just unbelievable. I had to include a close-up of the animal faces because they are so cute. The stitch count is 417x190 and Lynn's framing choice is perfect.

New fabric for "Outerwear"

"Outerwear" is one of the best sellers in the shop! They are the covers that go over your scroll rods to keep your work clean. We are well stocked in all sizes and prints right now, but with the Embroidery Guild Seminar in town this month we expect them to go fast. This picture is of the new prints that will be out soon.