Friday, December 30, 2016

Busy with orders...

We will be doing re-ordering like crazy after the first of the year.
One of the new items is
Miss Christmas Eve
by Mirabilia 
the pattern cost is $15.50 
bead pack is $35.00
Let us know if you would like us to add your name to the special order list for this design.  She is sure to be a beauty!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Years Closing...

We will be closed on
Monday January 2nd
to enjoy more family time.

My wonderful
Aunt Sally will be in town with my
equally as wonderful Uncle Jerry!
I will try to get them into the shop this week so Aunt Sally can see you all again.
She just loves the shop girls and customers and we love having her around!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Model for sale...

The hugely popular
Wizard of Oz on Blocks
Sadly we can't get these pattern any longer...😢
We sold the heck out them - they were a shop favorite.
We are now selling the finished set for
and believe me and everyone else who helped to stitch the model,
 it is worth every penny!!

Monday, December 26, 2016

All shoveled out...

We hope enjoyed a wonderful holiday!
Thanks to so many of you for the Christmas wishes,
the confidence that we would get your framing done in time,
and the purchase of so many gift certificates to spend throughout the year.
We truly appreciate your business and friendship.

We are all shoveled out and ready for business
Tuesday December 27

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday hours...

For the first time in 40 years...
We will be closed on
Christmas Eve
We will be closed
December 24-26

We will be closing at
2:00 on
New Years Eve
We will be closed
December 31-January 1

Enjoy a safe 
and festive
with family and friends!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We will be closed for repairs....

We will be
on Friday September 30th
(weather permiting)
to have our
parking lot resurfaced
We will be re-open on Saturday!

New Drawn Thread...

It wouldn't be Halloween without new
Drawn Thread
 Simply Scary  $8.00
 Trick or Treat $10.00
Welcome Autumn $10.00
first shipment is in stock now!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

New designs...

Nora Corbet has just released
2 new Pixies!
 Snapdragon  $13.00
bells of Ireland $13.00
bead pack available for $6.00
These have just been released and not in the store.
If you would like to call us and put your name on the list we will be happy to call you when they arrive.
A few new Halloween designs...
Bump n d'knight farm  $16.00
 Halloween in Quilt $13.99
 Halloween in the rain $12.79
Hey There Pumpkin $6.00
Halloween Kit Kat $6.00
Pumpkin Pocket kit by Lizzie Kate $20.00
Something new for our wildlife department...
Elk $ 16.00
 Let's Hunt $6.00
On The Lookout $15.00
Elk $6.00
New Christmas Lizzie Kate...
Tiny Tidings XXI $9.00
Santa 2016 $5.00
and a few odds and ends we couldn't resist...
 Afternoon in Rome $8.00
Home Sweet Home by La D Da $14.00
Ciseaux & Bobines $9.00
Swirling Flowers by Rosewood Manor $14.00

A little visitor...

O,h do I have a funny story...
There is a very friendly squirrel that lives in our tree.
Monday at closing time he decided that mom shouldn't leave!
He was out at her car and she literally had to step over him to get inside.
Of course there was a little screaming and dancing going on...
Oh i wish I would have video taped it!
(not our squirrel - but a resemblance)
Then on Wednesday mom burned her hot pocket in the microwave.  
Oh the smell! 
We put it out back and opened the doors to air out the shop.
I was sitting at the table framing and looked down to see this little squirrel sitting at my feet.
Yes, there was a little more screaming and dancing going on.
Luckily we had a lot of squirrel wranglers in the shop. 
He looks to be just a young squirrel with a very adventurous nature. 
This is a picture just before he climbed up Joy's pants!
She tried to walk him to the door, but he jumped off just as they got close.
He wanted to hang out longer.
After a few minutes of cardio and good laughs we were able to get him out of the shop.
At closing as I was walking out the trash
look who I found having a snack on the burnt 
Hot Pocket...

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Late opening on Saturday...

We will be 
until 1:00

due to the
Big Revel Marathon

Access to the store is a 
during this race...
so to 
to avoid the headache
we will open after the marathon concludes

Sorry, did I sound a little ornery about this?

Monday, August 15, 2016

New Mirabilia...

Blossom Goddess
by Mirabilia
Pattern cost $15.50
Bead pack  $17.00
She was just released and will come in with our next order.
Please call the shop to reserve your pattern.

For those of you stitching the
Lizzie Kate
Spooked Mystery Sampler
If you are stitching with thread from your stash...
The color Marmalade has just been released by Weeks Dye Works.
This was previously only available with the thread pack from Lizzie Kate.
We will soon be selling this color on our Weeks rack.

Thank you for looking after us
Cottonwood Heights Police...

Last week Joy accidentally set off our store alarm.
The security company called the shop...
Well, this doesn't happen very often and Joy didn't know our password.
Sooo.. the police came by to make sure everything was okay.
Oh Joy...She loves a man in uniform!

The girls from
Pretty Little Things
have restocked our cabinet!

Hard to pick a favorite.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Christmas Magazine 2016...

Soon to be released...
Retail $9.99
We are taking pre-orders for the 2016 magazine.
If you would like to have us hold one for you when they come in
please call us as
We will give you a call as soon as they arrive.
Estimated ship date is 8/30/2016

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Just Cross Stitch Halloween...

Just Cross Stitch
2016 Special Collector's Issue
is here!

Thursday, June 30, 2016


It has been a while huh?!
I think I have all of my ducks in a row  now.... I hope.
I am back to catching up on a few things I have neglected.
Sooo...where to begin.
Let's see...
New-ish designs:

pattern cost is $15.50
bead pack is $34.00

Bewitching Pixies
Pattern cost is $13.00 each

Glendon Place
we picked up their newest
Thistle Do Nicely
Pattern cost is $16.00
Dinky Dye thread pack cost is $31.50
One of my all time favorite designers

Plum Street Samplers
American Sampler
pattern cost is $14.00
John and Abigail
pattern cost is $10.00
Always fun designs from

Lizzie Kate
Yearbook Double Flip
Two monthly designs in each leaflet
$9.00 each leaflet includes charms
Jan - June have been released so far.
You can stitch these all together if you would like...

The new Mystery Sampler
Spooked Mystery
1/3 of the sampler has been released!
Part 1 and the bead pack that includes beads for the entire sampler
cost is $26.00
Fabric is a hand dyed Ale Cashel  $16.70
So excited to see what the entire thing looks like!
part two release scheduled for July 15
part three release scheduled for August 15

Rosewood Manor
Heats of the Kingdom
Pattern cost is $15.00

Drawn Thread
Let it Bee
pattern cost is $9.00

Mill Hill Kit
Winter Stag
Kit contains pattern, floss, perforated paper and lots and lots of beads for embellishment.
Kit cost is $14.00

Stoney Creek
Santa Claus Lane
Book cost is $14.95
Natures Beauty
Book cost is $10.95

That is just a small sampling of the patterns that have come in lately.
Our racks are filled and we have even put a price tag on a few of our older models!
We have been very very busy with the shop, something had to give and I'm afraid it was the blog for a while.  I will post again and show you some of the new stitched models we have put out for display.  We have had very busy needles as well!