Monday, January 31, 2011

A flock of visitors...

When I came into work today our porch was covered in doves. I had noticed that they had visited in the past, by the droppings they left behind. I will spare you the picture of the other side of the ledge...yuck! I think they find our porch very comfortable. There had to be about 18 of them this morning. I didn't want to disturb them, and took my pictures through the window. I have to admit, even with the mess that they leave, they were really fun to have around. I hope they come back to greet me tomorrow....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cute as a button...

I just love buttons and have jars of them.
A friend gave me a wonderful button necklace, and my wheels just started spinning.
Could I do something useful with my 1,000's of buttons?
That is when the idea of a needle threader came to mind.
It is like a jigsaw puzzle, sorting and stacking, finding just the right ones...
Aren't these cute!
I had a lot of fun doing them.
This is just the start, I think I will do fobs next!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pretty little things...

The girls have been in and changed out the curio for us.
These are three of my favorite new pieces.
The teacup scissor frog that I showed has already been been sold....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A gift from a friend...

I received a wonderful surprise last week....
A friend sent me a bag of goodies. Included in this bag of goodies was a bag full of wooden spools of sewing thread. They are just too beautiful not to put on display. The threads are the most incredible colours.
Some are silk, but each of them have a very deep rich color to them.I even love the labels. They are so vintage!
I will take them to the shop for awhile so that you can enjoy them too...

Friday, January 21, 2011

I told you........

I told you that if you wanted any of the new scissor flower frogs to hurry in....
Well they are gone!
I have a new beautiful little tea cup frog right now,
or for the moment I guess I should say...
I will work on bringing in a couple of others
and let you have the sneak peek
before I put them out in the shop and they disappear!

A gift for a friend...

I just love the graphic that I found at the
to make personalized
note cards for
Christmas gifts this year.
I think the girls really like them.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few more changes...

Taylor has been busy again. I just love having a teenager that loves home improvement projects. During his school brake he repaired our joints that where crumbling from the building settling over time. We had so many holes in the wall from 16 years of changing picture arrangements that I think we were loosing a lot of heat! He patiently repaired and patched all 350,000 of them. Then he added to the fireplace mantle top, both in height and in depth so we could display pictures along the edge. He has moved on to the stitching table area and now we have a fresh coat of light blue/grey paint and black window panes. What a difference! He said he would keep going on his brake in the spring!
We love you Taylor!!!!

A few new dodads

The oh sooo popular Pretty Little Things cabinet is ever changing.
The girls are really good about bringing in new pincushions so there is always a new group to see. They sell like crazy!
You must take a look each time you come in.
I have to show you a set that sold the first day they came in.
There was going to be an arm wrestle to see who got to take them home. I am jealous....
We also have new scissor flower frogs in. They are really eye catching in the cabinet by the register. We are lucky to have a good assortment, as they are so hard to find.

This is the smallest of the two vintage pink depression glass scissor holders.
This scissor holder is called hob nail glass

As hard as it is to part with each of these treasures,

I am ready to part with them and hunt for more.

I will have prices on them in the cabinet.

But be sure to hurry in if there is one you really want.

Is is 2011 already!

Oh no!
Is it 2011 already.....seems like we just carved pumpkins. This is my silly husband, and his self portrait pumpkin.
What is my New Year resolutions?
well...other than the usual that I make every year:
eat better,
loose weight,
exercise at least every other day.
like any of that is going to happen...
I decided to add:
work on the blog on a regular basis
tell my family I love them every day!
Those shouldn't be hard to do...