Thursday, October 28, 2010

A box for Cynthia

Cynthia had a beautiful stitchery that was partly destroyed. We tried to salvage it for her by using it in bits and pieces. We used part for the top of this fun box. If you notice her two sons names are in the alphabets and the large letter C stands for Cynthia.
The edge of the box lid is paper punched with a Martha Stewart edge punch. I just love this one. I of course purchased all of the papers and trims from Paper Creations in the Brickyard.

Carolyn and Lynn finished a few small pieces for her to keep in her box, and purchased her a pair of scissors from the shop that goes perfectly with the papers. It was really sweet of them to do. Cynthia was thrilled!

I wanted to show you the wonderful assortment of box sizes that we have at the shop. The Y.E.S. glue is a great glue to use when covering your box. It is really tacky and doesn't look bumpy under your paper. It won't bleed through either, and is acid free.

If you don't like spiders...don't look!

I just love my beaded spiders! The most talented lady was selling these last year and I came home with a few....She was selling them this year at the Farmers Market in town. You can even hang them on a necklace and she makes some with hair clips. I attached this one to my jacket for today. I went to my nieces school Halloween party this afternoon and the kids really like him. I thought you needed to see him too....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wool Pumpkins

These couldn't be easier! It just took forever for me to sit down and make them...
They are made from Weeks Dye Works wool fabric cut into 2 circles. You can make your circles any size you like. Then just Stitch two together and fill with crushed walnut shells. I sort of soft sculptured them with perle cotton thread. Stitch right through the center with a sharp needle, coming up from the bottom to the top and around the sides of the pumpkin with each stitch. Tie off with a knot on the bottom after you get the number of ribs that you want on your pumpkin. The leaves are two layers of wool and I stitched around them with the sewing machine. Curled vine is a brown paper covered wire and the stem is a real branch. Aren't they cute! You can use them as a pincushion is you would like or just for display.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Witches Wheel is pretty incredible!

Wendy just finished up Witches Wheel by Glendon Place. You would never know from the picture on the pattern that there is so much color in the addition of all the beads. It is really neat to see finished. We will have it on display here at the shop. It is pretty cool....

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Drawn Thread design

Since the last newsletter went out we received two new Drawn Thread designs.
The first is
Almost Halloween

and the next is

To Everything a Season

both such cute designs.

A little something from 1897....

Lynn was traveling through New Hampshire recently and found this little gem. It is only about 2.25" x 1.75". It was stitched by an 11 year old girl (with good eyes of course!). This has to be at least a 50 or 60 count fabric. Such a beautiful piece. Lynn's grandmother was born in 1897, she was meant to have and cherish this brooch.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just a teaser.....

Helma and Betsy just finished a couple of "Yule Tree" designs. I wanted to give you just a little snippet of the finished work until they are framed. The purple design is the actual colors that the designer intended. It has a very Victorian look. The red and green tree is a more traditional color scheme. Betsy put this together. It is just beautiful. We can imagine a million different combinations. I will show you the full design after framing....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My fun new pincushion!

I think this is so sweet. A friend surprised me today at work with this little treasure. She is so talented, and each of her pincushions are unique. I can't resist them! She has a blog if you want to see more. They are sold at one of my favorite local art markets. They only hold about 4 a year, and this weekend is the magical weekend! Of course I will be going!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wool Acorns

Blackbird design had these in their Christmas book "Joyoux Noel". We love them! We have made sooo many. People keep asking to buy them from our display. They are super simple to make. Joy lives on oak lane, so you can guess where we get our acorn caps. Then the wool felts are just odds and ends that I just happened to have, mostly Weeks Dye Works brand. Joy will gather like a little squirrel this fall and if you would like some tops just stop by the store. We'll supply all that we can.

Noel 2009

We have this one framed. I wanted to show you the finished design. The quarter is to show you the scale of the finished piece. LuAnn stitched this over one on 28 count! Isn't it just gorgeous!

Mediterranean Mermaid

This beautiful piece came in for framing...We just love seeing the finished work!
I thought you might like to see the wonderful detail. Lots of bead work and metallic braids. The bikini top is made up of three beautiful crystal droplets.
I wish my picture was a little more clear. I'm afraid that the sun caused a shadow line right through the picture. I think the other shadows just look like seaweed.
One of our brave military women worked on this while in Iraq.
She did a beautiful job.
The design is called "Mediterranean Mermaid" by Mirabelia.