Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is this MY mom..

I have to share this with you...My mom has started coming to our Wednesday stitching group. We really enjoy her. She usually brings knitting to work on, but last week she brought her stitching. She sat at the table and brought out a Ziploc bag with a 10 year old project inside. That is about how often my mom does stitchery. She zipped open her bag and took out her thread snarl and began to pull out the needed color....everyone at the tables mouths fell open. Is this MY mom? Who taught her the best way to organize her thread. I think I have forgotten a very important lesson. After five minutes of uncontrollable laughter (even my mom laughed) we let her in on how much easier it would be if it were sorted and bagged. Well, we didn't get that far because then she realized that she hadn't worked on the tea towels for so long that the iron on pattern had disappeared. What a fun day we had! Now I have to give my mom credit, she is a wonderful artist and writer, stitching is just not her thing...

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