Monday, May 9, 2011

The Bride

I had to share with you a beautiful piece that our customer - Bernie - brought in for framing.....

Isn't it wonderful!

It is called "The Bride" by Graphworks International.

Now, this is the way it is supposed to be stitched.....

But Bernie embellished hers with so many wonderful flowers and extra beads and gem stones. She did a beautiful job and I wanted to share some close-ups of her changes.

The bodice is edged in silk flowers sewn on with a crystal bead.
The veil is also lined in silk flowers and crystals.
She even added a diamond ring!
We framed it in a shadow box type frame to give the flowers room and we didn't want to make this look crowded at all.

We think that it turned out wonderful!!!!

Thank you Bernie for letting us frame this for you.

Your granddaughter is very lucky.

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Kris3 said...

Bernie, did a wonderful job of stitching and embellishing, beading. That I like it a lot more then the original picture. It looks like a Wedding dress the way she finished it. Great job Bernie!