Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blackbird boxes...

This is our latest finishing....It is the box "tulip stitching box" from the book Stitcher's Journal by Blackbird Designs. Didn't it turn out great? This is Lynn's box. I will put together somewhat of a kit with a few of the finishing supplies to finish yours in the same fabric print if you would like. I just need to finish up the instruction and remember what paint was used.....I need to keep better notes. I promise that I will have this together by the end of next week. You can fill yours with anything that you find useful or just decorative. This is Alice's box. Hers is finished with special treasures. The tatting around the box in worked by her grandmother and the buttons she embellished the inside with are from her grandmothers sewing box. That makes your box very special Alice... The stitching pallet for both boxes are the same, but changed a bit from the pattern. They wanted to use silks. I have a list of the changes at the shop. But look at the differences that you can make in your finishing. Both are just gorgeous. Good job girls!

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