Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I've been frog hunting....

I love the ornery guy at the antique store.
He loves me - he really loves me!
He saved this beautiful art deco frosted glass frog for me.
Now he isn't ornery guy - he is nice guy...
Sitting next to it is a blue berry bowl.
The blues look beautiful together.
Lots of sparkling glass.
Check out the Orreffer crystal bowl!
The bottom is numbered.
Quite a collectors piece.
I had a Vaseline glass frog that needs a home.
I thought that it looked cute in this fluted edge dish.
This reminds me of a honeycomb, thus the golden yellow base.
You know how fast these come and go at the shop.
Come in quick and pick up your favorite.

They came and picked up the toilet out front today.
Guess we won't be planting it for spring :)

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