Sunday, March 31, 2013

A BIG thank you!!!

Guess what we celebrate on
April 1st?
Well, living in a house full of extremely funny men, we celebrate it with some kind of fun spirited prank...
But more importantly it is the
at this location
19 years ago!!!
We worried that it probably wasn't the best day for a grand opening, being as it is a day of practical jokes and hoaxes.  But here we are - 19 years later.
I was very pregnant when we opened the doors and Taylor was so small he ran around with a fisher price tool belt on and felt like he built the place himself.
We have been around so long that many of you don't know that we came here from a location just 4 miles away.  We have actually been in business 37 years!
Joy must have been just a child when she opened this place...
To thank you for being a
Loyal Blog Follower
we are going to have a sale on
Weeks Dye Works Floss
Gentle Art Sampler thread Floss
Crescent Color Floss
$1.59 a skein
limited to stock on hand
Monday April 1st ONLY
You MUST tell us you saw this on our blog to get the sale price.
this is a reward to you for being a follower.
Thank you for 37 wonderful years of friendships....

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