Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A newly filled cabinet...

I had so much fun today!  I changed our cabinet and added a lot of new scissor frogs!  I had fun hunting for them and I almost hate to part with some of them...
I have not found glass in this color before.  Isn't it beautiful!  It isn't quite green or blue.  Sort of a sea glass color.  I am in love with this set.
The bowl behind is a beautiful peachy pink candy dish frog.
Of course I brought in quite a few clear glass pieces.  They really sparkle.  The sugar cup is called moonstone, and has a delicate white rim around the top.
I haven't brought in enameled brass before, but I thought since it was fall, this warm color is fitting.  They are made in India and I thought that it would give the stitcher who wasn't really into vintage a place to keep their scissors too!
Take a look at the blue frosted glass frog in this picture.  Unique isn't it.  What a find!

 Did you notice the photo of the sweet lady in the background?  This was my darling "Gram".  My special grandmother.  She was an angel I loved with all of my heart.
And did you notice the cute sewing machine?  I started young on my very own blue metal machine.  Really young!  I even remember using it.  It was just a toy, but really worked.  The price on the box says it was $4.00!
Look how tiny the foot petal is - or in this case - the finger petal.
Now you know why I had sooo much fun redecorating the front cabinet.
Oh the memories....

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