Thursday, December 19, 2013

A great party!

What a fun day!
Open house was festive and filled with friendship..
We sent Joy to open the door - open - open - open...
Helma came in her funny elf hat.
So many of our friends come to share the day with us
Carolyn came in for a minute to visit.  She was a little jet lagged from just returning home from New Zealand.  We gave her the day off - poor thing...
Guess who came in this hat...

Of course our trusty old surger tried to give us trouble at the beginning of the day. But we told it who was boss and it surged like a charm the rest of the day.
By 4:00 we where exhausted!
Happy Holidays everyone!  Thanks for your business all year through!
Helma, Joy, Betsy, Peggy, Wendy, Jamie and Mickey
Carolyn too...

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