Monday, August 11, 2014

We are the "Beehive" state...

I just set up a new display in the shop and thought I should share it with you.
 Isn't this cute!
This tiny little pincushion is "Three Bees" by Jeannette Douglas Designs.  
Carolyn finished it with wool felt into a tiny little box pillow.
Her finishing is always incredible!
Lizzie Kate "Be Yourself" design is one of three designs in her pattern packet Bee Busy.  
We framed this with the addition of a wooden hand painted beehive.
 In the background you will notice the piece "No Bees - No Honey" by Birds of a feather.
We made a few changes to our model.
I like the hive stitched in long stitches rather than crosses, it adds a fun new texture. The bees charms are added rather than stitched bees.
We have the changes available with the purchase of the pattern.
 This bee box pincushion is a French Jardin Prive design.
Expertly finished by Carolyn, even with cute little button feet!

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