Monday, September 15, 2014

New Glendon Place designs!

One of our favorite Halloween designers
Cheryl from 
Glendon Place
Newest designs just arrived!
 Eerie Express $16.00
 We also have the specialty fabric from Picture this Plus for this design
the fabric cost is $27.59    28 count
 Boo From the Crew $14.00
 Autumn Ala Round $16.00
It's Harvest Time $14.50

These are just the newest designs...
We also stock many of her other designs
each is a best seller for us

Frank's Family Portrait $17.50
Castle Le Creep $16.00
Ghoul School $16.00
 Witches Wheel $16.50
 Halloween Luck $16.00
 Come Sit for a Spell $16.00
 Witch Parking $16.50
All Hallows Eve $16.00
Murky Manor $16.00
 Grim Glum and Gloom $16.00
  You really must come in and see all of our wonderful models!

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