Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wooden sleds and patterns...

They are really popular!

There are big sleds
They measure about 7" and cost $12.00
and little ones
The little sleds sell for $5.00
with a brown wooden seat and brown metal runners and rope.
We stitched a model from Lizzie Kate
"Snow Dudes"
I changed the colors and painted the sled red.
The sky is the limit with your creativity.
Lizzie Kate "Snow Dudes" pattern
sells for $7.00
and sooo  many more patterns to choose from:
Snow Country Sled
 Snow Friend Sleds
 Sled Heads
 Mixed Bag Quilt
 Red Border Sled
 Snow Grateful

 Saltbox Sled
 Santa Folk
 Apples and Berries
Snow Folk
Each of these small pattern sets sell for $6.00
Hurry in so you can get started for Christmas!

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