Thursday, April 23, 2015

Latest arrivals...

 Oh if only I had a little girl - I love these!

Such cheerful stitchery!
each pattern cost is $13

Sue Hillis has a way with words
How about these for a smile:

Back in stock:

The ever popular
Praiseworthy Stitches
Going to Grandma's  $14.00
Dancing in the Moonlight  $12.00
Simple Gifts - Christmas $14.00

Since we are getting in Halloween designs
we couldn't pass up this one!
Halloween Resurrection pattern $12.00
Mill Hill kit Painted Pumpkins $14.00

Now lets throw in a little Christmas
Pattern cost is $10.00

By With Thy Needle and Thread
Shepherd's Sampler $12.00

Mill Hill kit Egg Hunt $14.00

Up next is
Patriotic Welcome $6.00

And a couple of small cuties
Friendship $4.50
Bee Thankful $4.50

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