Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oh, so much new to talk about...

It has been a while....
Things get busy this time of year.
Where should I start?
Let's start with scissors...
Dovo has arrived!
 The oh so popular pair with the lavender case!
 We have carried other brands of stork scissors in the past, but these are superb!
 Three beauties $60.00 - $35.00 - 
 This scissor is airline friendly.  They are even inscribed with "free on board".
 The tiger tail design is $41.00
 sorry, the other scissor is already sold out for now.
 Similar but different...one pair is shaved even finer at the point. Perfect for delicate cutting.
$45 and $60
One of the most popular pair is the black scissor
These also come in brushed silver for $50.00

These two are not Dovos but oh so cool!
Vintage style $12.99 each

Boy did we stock up!
lakeside linen

 Our order was so big that Pat is sending it in batches.
Every few days a new package arrives.
Lots of 40 and 36 counts

Packages and Packages of scrap fabrics
I ironed and ironed and folded and folded
What a way to spend a weekend...
$5.00 a package

Pretty Little Things
our cabinet is full!

They have a selection of tiny little mini pins too!

Blocks are flying out of the shop!
 We have a new Thanksgiving block kits
and some beautiful wool acorn pincushions
 The wool pumpkins are a free pattern available at the shop.
Three new block kits for Christmas.
Block kits are selling so fast you will want to get them right away!

New crochet thread
Petra size 5 by DMC
Machine washable and dry-able 100% cotton
a beautiful thread for blanket edgings
Pom Poms by Dames of the Needle
and chenille trim by Lady Dot Creations

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