Thursday, September 15, 2016

A little visitor...

O,h do I have a funny story...
There is a very friendly squirrel that lives in our tree.
Monday at closing time he decided that mom shouldn't leave!
He was out at her car and she literally had to step over him to get inside.
Of course there was a little screaming and dancing going on...
Oh i wish I would have video taped it!
(not our squirrel - but a resemblance)
Then on Wednesday mom burned her hot pocket in the microwave.  
Oh the smell! 
We put it out back and opened the doors to air out the shop.
I was sitting at the table framing and looked down to see this little squirrel sitting at my feet.
Yes, there was a little more screaming and dancing going on.
Luckily we had a lot of squirrel wranglers in the shop. 
He looks to be just a young squirrel with a very adventurous nature. 
This is a picture just before he climbed up Joy's pants!
She tried to walk him to the door, but he jumped off just as they got close.
He wanted to hang out longer.
After a few minutes of cardio and good laughs we were able to get him out of the shop.
At closing as I was walking out the trash
look who I found having a snack on the burnt 
Hot Pocket...

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