Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Incredible people and projects...

We are so lucky!
We get to meet some of the most wonderful people who we are proud to call friends.
We get to see and frame such wonderful stitchery.
We even get to meet great animals.
We are blessed!
This is Norma with her incredible owl!
It is an Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks
can you believe the size, is stitched on 14 count!
This is our friend Judi celebrating Valentines Day.
She is such a doll!
We are always happy to see Betty and Ralph.
They come all the way from Long Island NY for our snow.
They have been coming in every March for 15 years.
We love their visits.
Tony brings in some pretty amazing stitchery.
She made the hoop out of a water bottle cap and did the stitchery to fit inside.
She always changes things up or adds a little flare to each of her pieces
 Some of our favorite furry visitors...
This is Libby.
She comes with Sue and feels like she runs the place.
We always have a water bowl out for her and her favorite treats.
Through the years Nora Lynn has brought in each of her baby Kangaroos.
They are therapy animals that she raises for the VA hospital.  She keeps them until they are teenagers and then they go to live with other Kangaroos and she starts again with a baby.  We are very lucky to get to meet and love each one.  Our customers feel lucky if they are here when they stop in.  How many of you have had an opportunity to play with a kangaroo!

....and more news....
I will post many new releases soon!

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