Monday, December 6, 2010

The big day is here!

Well, it is that time....the first Saturday of December.
The annual
Christmas Open House.
This is a peaceful picture of the front of the store, before the crowd!
Hey, the more, the merrier!
Yep, the last storm took the sad.
My sister in law said, "come over and take some branches from the pine tree out front". While she was at work I played Edward Scissor Hands and did a little pruning. I was a little afraid she would say, "what happened to my tree!!" but you actually couldn't even tell that I took any branches out. Whewwww.
The cabinets are filled and displayed. If you like the sampler on the top shelf: Lizzie Kate's "Green Flip-it" series, we have a great sale on it right now. All 6 patterns and the border for $12.00. The regular price is $27.00!
We really have a lot of beautiful Christmas pictures. We have some really wonderful friends and employees that stitch for us. We love you guys!

Of course one of the coziest things about the shop is that we have a fire on the cold winter days. It is wonderful to spend the day stitching by the fire with friends.

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