Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few new dodads

The oh sooo popular Pretty Little Things cabinet is ever changing.
The girls are really good about bringing in new pincushions so there is always a new group to see. They sell like crazy!
You must take a look each time you come in.
I have to show you a set that sold the first day they came in.
There was going to be an arm wrestle to see who got to take them home. I am jealous....
We also have new scissor flower frogs in. They are really eye catching in the cabinet by the register. We are lucky to have a good assortment, as they are so hard to find.

This is the smallest of the two vintage pink depression glass scissor holders.
This scissor holder is called hob nail glass

As hard as it is to part with each of these treasures,

I am ready to part with them and hunt for more.

I will have prices on them in the cabinet.

But be sure to hurry in if there is one you really want.

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