Monday, February 14, 2011

Another show and tell...

I spent another weekend antiquing. I have sooo much fun doing that!
You won't believe what I found!!!
This is a Victorian scissor frog.It is very large-measuring about 6 inches across.
It didn't come with the base, so I found a silver decorative base that I think goes beautifully with it, and it is a perfect fit.
I am not going to polish them, I think they look wonderful with their age showing.
For right now I think that this scissor frog will just be a shop model.
I don't think I could part with it yet.
It seems to be quite a rare frog, I must enjoy it for a while.
I think we will have to have an auction for it when it is time to sell.
There is already interest in it.
These other two are just sweet. The clear class is a pressed glass with a frog inside and the pink pitcher I just couldn't pass up. Pink glass is my favorite. I thought this would hold various stitchery tool well.

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