Monday, February 7, 2011

Toni is amazing!

We have a very talented customer who comes in to see us when she is in town. Today she brought in her latest work of art - silk ribbon embroidery. She is always working on something wonderful! I wanted to show you her work....
The fuchsia is very, very three dimensional.
I didn't post the picture that I took of the square with the snail. It didn't turn out very clear.
He has a real shell on his back!
The delphinium is my favorite!
She took a class in California, and the designer kitted everything for it. The designer is Di Van Niekerk and she has a web site if you would like to see her work.
It is she is in Cape Town South Africa.
The oranges on this tree are beads covered in ribbon with a tiny bead for the green tip.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.....

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