Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When the weather is bad...we stitch all day!

The group gathered for a stitch-in...and we celebrated Easter...
This group has been getting together for a LONG time. They have really bonded!
Pat and Norma used to work together.
Lucas worked on a paper project. He covered a box and put his cute stitchery on the top.
It is a Lizzie Kate design stitched on perforated paper.
This is the finished box. So Cute!
This is Karen's White Christmas piece that we are stitching together.
Beth is working on a Long Dog design.
Norma is doing a needlepoint.
Katie is working on a Lavender and Lace piece Isabella's Garden.

She is our University of Utah girl..

My mom is crocheting and knitting.
This is Wendy's Wise Men by Glendon Place. Finally, the wise men are done, and now she is on to the background.
Pat is just starting Ghoul School by Glendon Place.
Thought you might like to see what everyone is working on. It is fun to see the works in progress.

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