Monday, January 26, 2015

Mother's and Daughters..

Mother's and Daughters
by Victoria Sampler
“A special bond that spans the years Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears,
A sense of trust that can’t be broken A depth of love at times unspoken,
A lifelong friendship built on sharing, Hugs and kisses, warmth and caring...”
Such a beautiful sampler full of sweet sentiment.
Now the challenge is, can you get it done for Mother's Day?!
As with other Victoria Sampler Designs it is filled with specialty stitches:
Cross Stitch, Petit Crosses, Arrowhead Stitches, Modified Rice, Satin Stitches, Scotch Stitches, Captive Scotch, Single Cross Eyelet, Eyelet Hemstitch, Bargello, Honeycomb Hemstitch, Basted Arrowhead, Herringbone, Kloster Blocks, Partial Greek Crosses, Dove's Eyelet, Woven Bars.
Pattern - specialty thread - soie perlee - beads
cost is $74.99

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