Thursday, June 1, 2017

A little more organizing...

We love
Rosewood Manor Designs
so much so that I think we are hoarding a lot of their inventory!
I am cleaning book racks and I have decided to part with part of our vast collection.
We are going to sell a few of their titles in our inventory at
1/2 Price

 A Tree By Itself 
 now: $8.50
 Berkshire Bee Hives
now $7.50
 Black Lace Sampler
now: $6.00
 English Tapestry Sewing Box
now: $6.50
 Family Reunion
now: $14.00
 Flowers Awake
now: $7.50
 Garden of Eden
now: $7.50
 Good in Everything
now: $8.50
 Good Night
now: $6.00
 Hearts of the Kingdom
now: $7.50
 Just Peachy
now: $7.00
 Keys to the Kingdom
now: $6.50
now: $5.50
 Quaker Compass
now: $7.00
 Welcome Topiary
now: $4.75
 Two Bees & ABC's
now; $5.00
 Welcome to my Garden
now: $6.50
Willowbrook Pathways
now: $5.00

We carry many other books in their line and will continue to do so.  
This is just a way of thing out the inventory...

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