Saturday, June 3, 2017

A week of fun....

We got to meet
 Nora Lynn's new
 therapy kangaroo
this week,
Scooby Roo

He was adorable. never know what you might see when you are here!

Connie came in to pick up her framing today and was moved to tears.
She is so sweet, this was really touching.
Her work is beautiful and it was an honor to frame for her.

Lori didn't waste any time in stitching
Sew Sisters by Plum Street.
She personalized it with the addition of her stitching friends initials and real pins in the cushions.
It finished up so cute Lori!

 Helma stitched Hare Hunt by Plum Street up in a hurry. 
 She is letting us display it here at the shop.  
You will have to come in and see how cute this is in person. 
 Her frame choice is perfect!

Sue finished the new La D Da titled Cherry Pickers and picked out the perfect frame. 
 It compliments the basket perfectly.  
I love seeing these cute designs stitched up!

 I stitched a model for the shop that I wanted to show off.
This is a With Thy Needle and Thread design called Patriotic Poppies,
with a few changes...
I of course switched up some colors and add the wooden flower button by The Bee Company.
Come in for your pattern and we will include the changes made.

And at home......   I am working on block kits like a crazy person!
The shelves will soon be filled again!
I have a fun new Frankenstein coming out soon.
I will post a picture as soon as he is complete.

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