Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We like to change things up a bit

One thing you will find, no matter what needlework store you go to, is that we all like to get a little creative. It is always fun to see what changes people make to designs to give them a little twist. Many of you have loved our "witchy washy" clothesline. The pattern is by Raise the Roof. The pieces are stitched on perforated paper and really hung on a line with miniature close pins during framing. Which of course we do here at the store. We have done the same technique with a line of Santa clothes by Sue Hillis. Raise the Roof has a whole series of clothes line designs you can do this with!

We added quite a few buttons to "Halloween Night" by Imaginating. Nancy stitched this model up for us. Anytime we make changes to a design here at the shop, we will give you instructions to do yours the same way as ours if you like. With the purchase of the original designers pattern and supplies of course.

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