Monday, March 7, 2011

Antiquing again..

I think I have the best job! On my day off I get to hunt around antique stores with a company credit card...
Though I think the pond for frogs in Salt Lake is dry. My last batch came from Dallas. While Betsy was there attending a wedding, she went antiquing for me. Her boys even got into it! Thanks guys!
Then I get to do what I think is the best part. Pick out the bottoms. Each frog is unusual and unique in its shape and size. They aren't perfect and the challenge is trying to find the pieces that fit together perfectly, kind of like doing a puzzle. But for this puzzle you have to travel miles for each piece...curse those gas prices.

This is our newest milk glass set. I am very fond of violets!

This is green depression glass. I love the color in this one.
and a beautiful carnival glass sugar cup with a frog.

Now I have to share my very own scissor frog. Sometimes you just run across something that you can't part with. This is my pink scissor frog. I thought this pink sugar cup was just darling. I love even more every time I look at it!

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